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I’m telling you, as the official Zombologist for 100 Days of Death, nothing has warmed my monster loving heart more than all the attention our new Zombie franchise has gotten lately. My future wife (I’m choosing to ignore the “boyfriend” rumor), Kim Poirier, has been featured in tons of articles and has been all over the radio waves promoting 100 Days of Death, the 100 Days of Death Kickstarter has been on CNN and now, is featuring an article about what is sure to be the newest chapter in Zombie lore. posted a fantastic article titled….wait for it…titled “Would You Be Able to Survive if Zombies Took Over.” And that’s how a Zombologist gets his jollys. Reading articles like this. And to have my very own Zombie project be the subject…well, I couldn’t be more proud.

And to all you Zombie fans out there, this is your chance to be a part of this amazing project. The Kickstarter campaign will be funding the 100 Days of Death graphic novel, which is going to be created by comic legend Tommy Castillo. If you donate to the Kickstarter campaign, not only will you be a part of Tommy’s newest Zombie project, but you can pick up some absolutely amazing swag. The article on chronicles all the latest 100 Days of Death details and talks about our Kickstarter campaign. And like any proud Zombologist, I’m telling all my friends to have a look.

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"100 Days of Death takes scary, gooey gore to a whole new level. I actually 'jumped' more than a few times!" – Carolyn Hennesy (HBO's True Blood / Emmy-nominated actress, General Hospital) "100 Days of Death takes zombie tales to a whole new level." – Actress Tricia Helfer