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Kim Poirier talks Zombies on “Hey, Get Off My Lawn”

Hey Zombie lovers

Kim Poirier on "Hey, Get Off My Lawn"

Kim Poirier on “Hey, Get Off My Lawn”

The always sexy┬áKim Poirier, talks with Brian Cox on the popular webcast “Hey, Get Off My Lawn.” She chats about the 100 Days of Death story, the film that’s in development and the Kickstarter campaign to fund the 100 Days of Death graphic novel.She also professes her love for me and agrees to run away with me and live by my side forever and eternity as together we bask in our zombie loving nerdiness….

Okay, so she doesn’t do quite that….I mean, when she lifts the restraining order it’ll happen but until then…

The point is not only does she chat about 100 Days but she talks a little about her own career, her move to LA as a Canadian actress and what she wants “Off Her Lawn”. It’s a good chance to check out a fellow zombie lover and one of the producers behind the next big zombie franchise.

To hear Kim Poirier talk about 100 Days of Death with Brian Cox, click here:

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"100 Days of Death takes scary, gooey gore to a whole new level. I actually 'jumped' more than a few times!" – Carolyn Hennesy (HBO's True Blood / Emmy-nominated actress, General Hospital) "100 Days of Death takes zombie tales to a whole new level." – Actress Tricia Helfer