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Ray Ellingsen Talks 100 Days of Death on Celebzter

Ahhhhh…my dear lovers of the undead. It’s Dr. Z here taking a breath of fresh air after reading the amazing interview on Celebzter with the one and only Ray Ellingsen.

Ray Ellingsen Interviews with Celebzter

Ray Ellingsen Interviews with Celebzter

As I’m sure you all know, Ray is the creator of the 100 Days of Death story, the author of the novel (which will be released in July) and is also writing the screenplay. So I know what a few of you might be thinking: “Yeah, yeah. I love zombies but the actual stories are a dime a dozen. What this makes guy any different?”

Well, I tell you. He’s the real deal.

One of the most frustrating things about being a fan of zombie lore and even the horror genre in general is that often quality is thrown to the side in favor of “schticky” elements like lots of gore and cheap “jump out at you” thrills. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love a good blood bath – but I don’t like bad scripts and cheesy stories. How many times have you left the movie theater after seeing a scary movie thinking “well the special effects were good, but I think the script was written by a college freshman for a screenwriting class.” Lots of times, right? And it is frustrating. That is why AMC’s zombie show, The Walking Dead, is such a runaway hit. It’s got everything we zombie lovers dream of, with some fucking awesome writing and plot lines.

And guess what. The Walking Dead isn’t the only kid on the block now. One of the many reasons I signed on as the official “Zombologist” for the 100 Days of Death franchise was because the whole story was created with thrills and a nod to classic zombie lore, but it comes from a place of quality. Can I get an AMEN!

Ray is not only an author and film producer, but also a survivalist. His knowledge of guns, knives and weapons is insanely impressive and lets just say if an apocalypse of any kind sweeps across this great planet of ours, his will be the first door I knock on. His characters are fleshed out, making tough and smart decisions as they try to find a sense of “normal” after the world ends. His action sequences are detailed and exciting….and believable. And let’s not forget, he throws some pretty kick ass zombies in the mix. And it makes me giddy as a school boy to watch my favorite undead creatures finally starring in a fantastic story.

Check out this interview on Celebzter where Ray details a little more about his novel and all the hard work it took to get the franchise started. And when that novel comes out in July, trust me, you’re going to want to get in on the action. Because it’s only the start to one of the coolest, and one of the most high quality zombie stories around.

To check out Ray’s interview on Celebzter, please click here:

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"100 Days of Death takes scary, gooey gore to a whole new level. I actually 'jumped' more than a few times!" – Carolyn Hennesy (HBO's True Blood / Emmy-nominated actress, General Hospital) "100 Days of Death takes zombie tales to a whole new level." – Actress Tricia Helfer