Kim Poirier Sizzles in Playboy

Glory, Glory Hallelujah! The angelic lights from heaven have toughed down on this earth followed by a fireworks show and a confetti finale. Praise the to the goddesses of sexy women – my life has reached a new level of wonderful and I can officially die happy.

Kim Poirier in Playboy

Kim Poirier in Playboy

Kim Poirier is in Playboy.

Kim Poirier is the sexy blonde is a producer on the 100 Days of Death who is slated to star in the film. She also happens to be the love of my life, and despite a strongly worded restraining order, she is my future wife. (She’ll come around eventually.)

And now you can read a sexy interview and see some insanely hot photos of the love of my life. Kim sits down with Playboy to talk about 100 Days of Death, the Kickstarter and her plans for a Zombie Apocalypse. (Um…she plans to stick with her boyfriend – survivalist expert and 100 Days of Death creator Ray Ellingsen – so I’ll have to step up my game.)

Check out the love of my life’s Playboy interview and rejoice with me in the fact that I have legal access to her sexy photos!!

To check out Kim in Playboy, please click here:

Yours in Life and Death
Dr. Z

"100 Days of Death takes scary, gooey gore to a whole new level. I actually 'jumped' more than a few times!" – Carolyn Hennesy (HBO's True Blood / Emmy-nominated actress, General Hospital) "100 Days of Death takes zombie tales to a whole new level." – Actress Tricia Helfer