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Examiner.com Posts Article about 100 Days of Death

And we’re in the press again!

100 Days of Death on Examiner.com

100 Days of Death on Examiner.com

I’m telling you, as the official Zombologist for 100 Days of Death, nothing has warmed my monster loving heart more than all the attention our new Zombie franchise has gotten lately. My future wife (I’m choosing to ignore the “boyfriend” rumor), Kim Poirier, has been featured in tons of articles and has been all over the radio waves promoting 100 Days of Death, the 100 Days of Death Kickstarter has been on CNN and now, Examiner.com is featuring an article about what is sure to be the newest chapter in Zombie lore.

Examiner.com posted a fantastic article titled….wait for it…titled “Would You Be Able to Survive if Zombies Took Over.” And that’s how a Zombologist gets his jollys. Reading articles like this. And to have my very own Zombie project be the subject…well, I couldn’t be more proud.

And to all you Zombie fans out there, this is your chance to be a part of this amazing project. The Kickstarter campaign will be funding the 100 Days of Death graphic novel, which is going to be created by comic legend Tommy Castillo. If you donate to the Kickstarter campaign, not only will you be a part of Tommy’s newest Zombie project, but you can pick up some absolutely amazing swag. The article on Examiner.com chronicles all the latest 100 Days of Death details and talks about our Kickstarter campaign. And like any proud Zombologist, I’m telling all my friends to have a look.

To check out the amazing article on Examiner.com, please click here: http://exm.nr/ZBg51r

To learn more about the 100 Days of Death Kickstarter campaign, please click here: http://kck.st/XNGXXV

Yours in Life and Death

Dr. Z

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100 Days of Death is Featured on CNN

Hello my fellow Zombie Lovers

100 Days of Death on CNN

100 Days of Death on CNN

So have you checked out our 100 Days of Death Kickstarter campaign yet? Have you donated so you can get some sweet 100 Days swag? No? Well, what the hell are you waiting for? The time is now! Even CNN is getting on board!

That’s right. Our 100 Days of Death Kickstarter has been getting quite a lot of press lately and now we’ve been featured on CNN. The campaign is raising money to fund the 100 Days of Death Graphic Novel, which will be written and illustrated by the one and only comic artist Tommy Castillo. Exciting, right? Well, CNN thought so too.

So check out this amazing article on CNN by clicking here: http://bit.ly/15G1jHc

Then head on over to our 100 Days of Death Kickstarter and get yourself some kick ass swag by clicking here: http://kck.st/XNGXXV

So glad you’ll be a part of our super exciting Zombie franchise! Check it out now.

Yours in Life and Death

Dr. Z

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Kim Poirier interviews with Variety Radio Online

Kim Poirier is at it again!

Kim Poirier on Variety Radio Online

Kim Poirier on Variety Radio Online

The sexy actress and producer gives a tell all interview to Variety Radio Online. Have a listen as she reveals the inside scoop about the 100 Days of Death franchise including the launch of the 100 Days of Death Kickstarter campaign for the graphic novel, the release of the 100 Days of Death novels and plans to start the feature film.

And as you learn all the ins and out of the newest kick ass Zombie franchise to hit the horror genre, you can imagine that Kim’s in the room with you, telling you about it! At least that’s what I’ll be doing….because I’m in love with her….and I’m not ashamed….even if there is a restraining order….

Anyhoo, for all the exciting details of the 100 Days of Death from actress and producer Kim Poirier, please click here: http://bit.ly/W6udt3

Yours in Life and Death

Dr. Z

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100 Days of Death Kickstarter Campaign is Up and Running

Hello All

Fantastic news! Now you can be a part of the 100 Days of Death franchise!!!

100 Days of Death Graphic Novel by Tommy Castillo

100 Days of Death Graphic Novel by Tommy Castillo

We have officially launched the 100 Days of Death Kickstarter campaign. We are raising money to create the “100 Days of Death” four issue Graphic Novel by the one and only famed comic artist, Tommy Castillo.  This awesome new venture will not only be drawn by the legendary artist, but Tommy will also show off his writing skills as he adapts this tale to fit his vision.

For those of you who have been living under a comic deprived rock, Tommy is a 24-year veteran artist who has been sought out by the field’s largest companies such as DC Comics, Paramount Pictures, Warhammer, and Rolling Stone Magazine. Tommy has put paint and pencil to such titles as Batman Detective; Legends of the Dark Knight, Toe Tags with horror legend George Romero, Alice in Wonderland, King Kong and The Darkside of Oz just to name a few. Tommy is the real deal and we are so, so lucky that he has joined the elite team behind the 100 Days of Death franchise. And we want you to be a part of that team.

100 Days of Death Graphic Novel by Tommy Castillo

100 Days of Death Graphic Novel by Tommy Castillo

Yup, you heard right. With the launch of our Kickstarter, you have the chance to be “hands on” in the realization of the next Zombie franchise. For a donation to the graphic novel, you can walk away with some pretty amazing swag. The novel, the graphic novel, signed art from Tommy Castillo, a Zombie Apocalypse poster, a 100 Days of Death survival package, 100 Days of Death screen-saver, an invitation to the premiere of the 100 Days of Death film….and the list goes on and on. But perhaps the most exciting swag we’re offering is the chance for Tommy to draw you into the 100 Days of Death Graphic Novel as a character! I know – WHERE DO I SIGN UP???

And because I’m Dr. Z, official Zombologist for 100 Days of Death, and because I always take care of my fellow Zombie lovers, I’ve included some of Tommy’s 100 Days of Death artwork. Pretty incredible, right? And if you’re anything like me, two pieces of Tommy’s art just isn’t enough, I’ve also included a gallery of his work from some of his amaze-balls previous projects. You. Are. Welcome.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the 100 Days of Death Kickstarter page by clicking: here. Pick up some kick ass swag, and be a part of the exciting new franchise!

Yours in Life and Death

Dr. Z

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Kim Poirier Featured on StarPulse.com

Oh yes!

Kim Poirier on StarPulse.com

Kim Poirier on StarPulse.com

Part of my job as the official Zombologist of 100 Days of Death is to inform fans about the momentum of the project and blog whenever we’re in the press. Well, lucky for me, the gorgeous Kim Poirier has been all over the Internet and the radio waves lately pushing the 100 Days of Death franchise! That means that the restraining orders issued by the courts of California be dammed…I get to blog about Kim Poirier.

The unspeakably beautiful blond was recently featured StarPulse.com. Kim is the subject of a great article with lots of info about 100 Days of Death as well as the zombie genre as a whole. With a headline like “Canadian invasion: Kim Poirier invades the USA as a zombie!” who doesn’t want to take a look?To read more about Kim Poirier and the 100 Days of Death franchise on StarPulse.com, please click here: http://bit.ly/151ZzGZ

Keep checking in with my blog because Kim has been revealing lots of info about 100 Days of Death in the press lately and I’ll be bringing it all to you. And yes, for those of you who are wondering, she is still my future wife and there ain’t nothing the courts of Cali can do about it!

Yours in Life and Death

Dr. Z

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100 Days of Death Author/Screenwriter Ray Ellingsen Interviews with Awesome Magazine

100 Days of Death Author Ray Ellingsen in Awesome Magazine

100 Days of Death Author Ray Ellingsen in Awesome Magazine

Hey guys

The kick ass author and screenwriter of 100 Days of Death, Ray Ellingsen, has an amazing interview featured in “Awesome Magazine” and for all you zombie lovers out there, it’s a must read!

One of the things that drew me to the 100 Days of Death project and helped me decide to hop on board as the official “Zombologist” was the detailed and realistic story that Ray created. Ray is not only a film producer, which means he knows how to create a cinematically pleasing story, but he is also a survival expert. He has a true talent of weaving the excitement and entertainment we’re all expecting from a zombie tale with the realism and true to life situations that would face society if indeed, there was catastrophe that wiped out most of man kind.

Mr. Ellingsen sat down with Awesome Magazine and chatted about where the idea for 100 Days of Death came from, all the celebrities that are involved with the project and the realities behind an actual zombie apocalypse.

To read Ray Ellingsen’s interview with Awesome magazine, please click here: http://bit.ly/XgKBKY

Yours in Life and Death

Dr. Z

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The 100 Days of Death Kickstarter Launches February 15th

Howdy Zombie Lovers,

I have an exciting new update for all the fans of the undead out there. As you know, 100 Days of Death is the new Zombie franchise in the works that is kickin’ ass and taking names. It’ll start with a novel and expand to another two books to create a trilogy, a feature film, a video game, a phone app, a graphic novel, and the list goes on…..

100 Days of Death Graphic Novel - Reaper

100 Days of Death Graphic Novel – “Reaper”

Of course that’s amazing news – a new, thrilling zombie franchise – sign us up! But it gets better. The incredible graphic artist, Tommy Castillo, will be the man behind the 100 Days of Death graphic novel. Oh yes, you heard correctly! Tommy is the twisted artist who’s worked on Batman Detective, Legends of the Dark Knight, Evil Ernie, Tales From the Crypt, Alice in Wonderland, King Kong, Dragons and Toetags with horror legend George Romero. And 100 Days of Death is his next project.

Because anyone who knows anything about graphic novels can appreciate the stunning work of Tommy Castillo, and because I’m freaking awesome and want to share with my fellow Zombie lovers, I have included a sneak peek of Tommy’s 100 Days of Death art. Take a look. This peice is called “Reaper”…… I know right – it’s pretty amazing. And just think – he’s going to create a whole 4 issue story arc. So, I know you all want to break out into a “dance of the geeks” but hold off – because there’s more exciting news.

Moving Pictures Media Group, the production company that is franchising “100 Days of Death” is launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the creation of Tommy’s novel. It’s your chance to be “hands on” in the realization of the next Zombie franchise. For a donation to the graphic novel, you can walk away with some pretty amazing swag…including the chance for Tommy to draw you into the 100 Days of Death Graphic Novel as a character! What the what?!?!?! Yes, please….

On February 15th, we will officially launch the Kickstarter campaign. And we have some pretty amazing people who have all come together to support this endeavor. Of course there’s the gorgeous Kim Poirier, who not only acts in the 100 Days of Death trailer and Kickstarter video, but is a MPMG producer as well. (She’s also my future wife – restraining order be dammed!) Joining her in the Kickstarter video is Battlestar Galactica’s own Richard Hatch. And he’s fracking awesome. (Who got it? Who got the reference? You’re wonderfully geeky if you got the reference!) We’ve also gotten some pretty incredible endorsements from people like Charlie Webber, who used to be COO and CEO of Lucasfilm and has worked on franchises like Indiana Jones and Star Wars! Not only that, but actresses Carolyn Hennesy and Tricia Helfer have joined the 100 Days of Death support group.

Here’s a sneek peak of what Carolyn Hennesy and Tricia Helfer had to say about 100 Days:
“100 Days of Death takes scary, gooey gore to a whole new level.  I actually ‘jumped’ more than a few times!”- Carolyn Hennesy (HBO’s True Blood / Emmy-nominated actress, General Hospital)
“100 Days of Death takes zombie tales to a whole new level.” – Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica)

You have to wait to see the Kickstarter to hear from Kim and Richard. Yup…it’s a big ‘ole nerd fest up in here! And now…. I give you permission to break out into the “dance of the geeks.”

All joking aside, some pretty awesome people are excited about this project and you should be too. We want you to be a part of it and we look forward to including Zombie fans in the creation of the franchise. So remember, February 2nd – the Kickstarter campaign is launched. Get ready to donate and pick up some swag. And check back in with me after we launch and I’ll have all the links and information you’ll need.

Until next time, Zombie lovers, I hope your days are filled with horror lore and your nights are filled with geeky sexy dreams. (If you need a little inspiration just think about the fact that Kim Poirier, Carolyn Hennesy and Tricia Helfer are excited about the same Zombie tale. You’re welcome!)

Yours in Life and Death
Dr. Z

100 Days of Death

100 Days of Death Pubslush Campaign has Officially Started

Greetings Zombie Lovers,

100 Days of Death Pubslush Campaign

100 Days of Death Pubslush Campaign

Whoo – hoo! Our first 100 Days of Death social media campaign is officially up and running!

“What does this mean?” you ask. Well it means that we’re starting to move out of the pre-production stage of 100 Days of Death and we’re one step closer to bringing you one of the most exciting franchises in the Zombie genre. Moving Media Pictures Group along with 100 Days of Death author, Ray Ellingsen, have started a Pubslush campaign for the 100 Days of Death novel. Pubslush, is a publishing platform for authors to raise funds and gauge audiences for new book ideas. The site is designed to allow trendsetting readers to pledge their financial support to bring to life books they feel will be entertaining and beneficial to the publishing world. Through a publishing imprint, powered by readers, Pubslush acquires high potential books and gives authors of all creative backgrounds the chance to fund the publishing of their book.

It’s pretty spiffy If I do say so myself.  I love sites that allow artists to take the fate of their work into their own hands and give it directly to the public. And if artistic freedom doesn’t float your boat, Pubslush is on my “kick-ass list” because they’re charitable. For every book sold, Pubslush donates to a book to a child in need. How cool is that? Pubslush gets a giant zombified stamp of approval from Dr. Z.

You can check out our Pubslush campaign hy clicking here: http://pubslush.com/books/id/132. And of course, we’d love your donation if it suits your fancy. We offer some pretty sweet swag for your donation. (Um…hello! You will be written as a main character in the second and third novel of the 100 Days of Death trilogy!) Seriously, take a look and donate. You’ll be funding not only a great cause, but a really awesome Zombie franchise at the same time. And that’s a pretty hard deal to beat!

Yours in Life and Death

Dr. Z



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Moving Pictures Media Group Producer Kim Poirier sits down for a “100 Days” Tell All Interview

The Day is here. It’s my Christmas Morning, my 8 nights of Chanukah, Valentines Day and the 4th of July all rolled up into one hour and a half segment. I sit down for an interview with Kim Poirier.

Kim Poirier - Producer/Actress/Host & The Future "Mrs. Dr. Z"

Kim Poirier – Producer/Actress/Host & The Future “Mrs. Dr. Z”

Kim is the gorgeous actress/host who has can be seen in a myriad of television and film projects like Paradise Falls, Decoys 1 and 2, American Psycho 2, Silent But Deadly, Mad Men, and of course, Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead. Kim also hosted Hypaspace on the Space Channel for four years covering all matters science fiction, film and television, video games, toys, graphic novels, and has conducted numerous interviews with celebrities. Which is why she’s the apple of my geeky eye.

She is currently a producer with Moving Pictures Media Group, the same awesome company behind the “100 Days of Death” franchise. Kim takes some time out of her day (and allows me to ignore a few clauses in the restraining order she has against me…I told you I was a little in love) and give me the inside scoop about her fascinating career, her love of Zombie movies and how the “100 Days of Death” franchise is going to rock everyone’s face off.

1) How did you get started in the industry?
I started acting when I was a baby…quite literally. My mom did a commercial when I was in her stomach. I did about 30 commercials growing up and lots of catalogue work. When I graduated high school, I knew what I wanted to do so I trained privately (both in voice coaching and acting lessons) along with taking a group acting class. I did 5 classes a week consecutively for 5 months and landed a lead on a series, Paradise Falls. That was six months of work because we were set to shoot 56 episodes. This was a dream come true for me! The amount of learning experience you get from being on set every day is priceless.

2) It seems you’re playing a “host” as much as you’re acting. Is that something you always wanted to do?
Actually, yes. I’ve always loved the news and wanted to be involved in the broadcast medium. Information is King, and being a conduit for that information is invigorating.

3) How did you get your hosting gig for the Space Channel?
I was dropped by my agent at one point and I had to re-evaluate what I wanted to do. I remembered that my last audition for her was a hosting gig (my first time for that matter). So I followed my gut and called a couple of contacts I had at a network. Turns out they weren’t looking or even had any hosts within the company, but a sister network (Space) was searching for a good amount of time. They had already seen 300 people and had been on the hunt for 4 months. I knew the Space Channel because I had presented a Spacey Award for them (their annual award show) and I had done some interviews with them when my film Decoys came out. So I called my contact there and they were both surprised and excited to have me come in and read. I auditioned on Thursday, and the following Tuesday they called me in for a meeting and told me I booked the gig. Probably one of my best experiences in following a hunch!

4) When you took that job, did you realize you’d get a whole new fan base of geeky nerds? We’re a special breed.
Are you kidding?! You’re all amazing! I am so grateful for the support I have felt from my fan following over the years. You guys truly rock.

5) You’ve certainly made a mark in the horror genre, which is quite often crossed and speaks to a lot of the same fans as the geek genre. What do you like about the fans you meet at conventions?
They are so loyal, passionate about the content, intelligent and kindhearted individuals. They truly are a pleasure to meet and interact with.

6) Were you a fan of Zombie movies before you were cast in the Dawn of the Dead remake?
I was not very familiar with the genre. But once I was cast in it, I made an effort to inform myself and research what I was working on.

7) Can you describe your favorite scene or moment on the set of the Dawn of the Dead?
Other than the chainsaw scene (which was pretty darn rad), it was fun dancing around in expensive lingerie and a fur coat (faux). It was an additional montage sequence they added of all the survivors in the mall and what our characters would be up to. Zack Snyder let me bring in some music, they dressed me up to the nines in amazing gear, and I just got to dance around and have fun. The trained dancer in me found this liberating!

8) Was it odd to watch yourself chopped in half by a chainsaw when you watch the final cut of Dawn of the Dead?
YES! They created a live animated dummy of me (animatronics). They did a full head cast, mouth cast, inside my nose cast (yes, up my nostrils), arm casts, half body, full body, they cut pieces of my hair out to get the perfect curl… When they were finally done and it was all painted, it was weird looking at this version of me. The actually sawing through me, err, the animatronics me, was done on second unit. For the actual footage of my facial reactions, they had a chainsaw come at me (minus the blades) and they filmed my reactions in a close-up. Complete with 3 guys squirting blood on me from various directions. Good times.

9) Now you’re hosting for MPMG. That means we’re going to be seeing each other every so often.
Kim: Yup…we are. (Kim laughs nervously) It’ll be…fun.
Me: TONS OF FUN!!!!!!
Kim:….um…yeah – tons and tons of fun…

10) You’re not only hosting, but producing for MPMG. What made you decide to start working behind the scenes?
I was cast in a film that I was really passionate about and they kept pushing the shooting date. After about 6 months of that, when I spoke with the producers they told me they were short on funds. So I took the initiative (following your gut strikes again) and made a point to help them secure funding. This opened up a whole new world to me as I started networking, meeting new industry individuals, getting involved in various projects, developing scripts, securing distribution… I not only wanted to be a part of the “filming” aspect, but be a part of all of it. It’s empowering to take a project you truly believe in and see it through all the way to the end. With MPMG, I’m fortunate to be an integral part of a slate of films we are working on.

11) So, this means you’re producing for “100 Days of Death”. What do audiences have to look forward to with the “100 Days of Death” franchise?
I’m so excited at the prospect of it being branded. We are really approaching this project in a multitude of ways for it to be expressed and enjoyed. First up, the novel is being published and will be released in January of 2013. We are currently working with comic book legend, Tommy Castilllo for the graphic novel version, and we are also developing the feature film script. In addition, we are also scheduled to do a video game and phone app for it. So for all the fans, there will be many ways to experience 100 Days of Death!

12) Will you be acting in the new “100 Days of Death” movie?
The offer is on the table but I am not sure how that’s going to play out yet. Stay tuned!

13) What makes the “100 Days” different from other Zombie films?
One of the things I love about this project is that it has a lot of heart to it. It also pays homage to the classic film, The Outlaw Josey Wales (an old Clint Eastwood movie). 100 Days tells the story of un-expecting hero who gets saddled up with this surrogate family as they battle the undead and bravely take the journey through uncharted territories as they fight for survival. The way the characters come together, and how our lead always does what’s necessary (despite his instinct to just bail and be selfish) has a great message in it. He really steps up to the plate and does what he has to do. I find that kind of transformation and character trait inspiring. Another great thing about our hero is that he’s the “every man”, with an edge. He manages to keep his cool in some scary situations. He’s got some military training and a security background so be prepared for lots of great fight scenes, gun battles, blood and gore… There are also other colonies that have formed amidst the living, some good, and some bad. So in 100 Days, there’s more to be worried about than just zombies.

14) What makes the Zombies in “100 Days” different?
These are fast movers, but they are starting to change. I don’t want to give away book two, but we find out later that they are getting smarter and even more aggressive. How the plague originated is interesting as well.

15) In your opinion, what is the best Zombie movie of all time and why?
Well we haven’t shot the film version of “100 Days” yet, so the verdict is still out. But my second favorite is obviously Dawn of the Dead. I am also a big fan of 28 Weeks Later. Loved the acting, the style of the zombies (the make-up, their behavior), “the world” they created, and the drama amidst the characters and the story. It was fun two-hour ride!

Kim: Bye for now Dr. Z! Btw – I love your bowtie.
(I leap out of my seat and try to hug her)
Me: Oh, my God, I’m in love with you Kim Poirier!!!!!!
Kim: Okay – 500 feet. Let’s remember the restraining order!

And that’s pretty much how it ended. But I got a fantastic interview and the gorgeous Kim Poirier and future “Mrs. Dr. Z” gave us all some great insight into the “100 Days of Death” franchise.

Now there’s just that pesky 500 feet!

Yours in Life and Death,

Dr. Z

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Kim Poirier Interviews the 100 Days of Death Makeup Artist, Christina Rodriguez

What do you get when two hot blondes with specific “talents” get together and make a video? Get your head out of the gutter, you mongrel. I’m talking about the video I posted below of the gorgeous actress and host Kim Poirier interviewing the ubra talented makeup artist Christina Rodriguez. Geez – you perv!

Kim Poirier and Christina Rodriguez

Kim Poirier and Christina Rodriguez

Christina is the brilliant mind behind the Zombie makeup in the 100 Days of Death Book Trailer and she will be head makeup artist for the 100 Days of Death feature film that is slated to start shooting in Spring 2013. This woman is INCREDIBLE!!! If you haven’t seen the book trailer, do yourself a favor and check it out. You have to see what Christina can do. If she can’t “Zombify” a movie, no one can. Watch the 100 Days of Death trailer here: http://ow.ly/eP31e

If you missed my last two blog posts, Christina Rodriguez gave a full makeup tutorial on how to create the most gruesome, coolest Zombie face for a kick-ass Halloween costume. She used Moving Pictures Media Group’s producer and host, Kim Poirier as her model. (As if I wasn’t in love with Kim before, Christina turned her into a Zombie, and my heart officially exploded with geeky, weird “undead” love…and another clause was added to the restraining order…but let’s not get into all that!)

To see a one minute, fast forwarded sequence of Kim’s unbelievable transformation from beautiful actress to gruesome zombie, click here: http://ow.ly/eP3pN

If Kim’s transformation inspired you to try your hand at your own Zombie makeup, you can see Christina’s full tutorial with her inside tricks of the trade by clicking here: http://ow.ly/eP3qW  Sure, Halloween may be over, but Zombies are hot year round, my friend!

We are so, so lucky to have Christina Rodriguez on board for 100 Days of Death, and Kim sits down to talk with her about her makeup experiences (Hello – Head of Makeup Department at Queen Mary’s Haunted House called “Dark Harbor”) and her love of Zombies.  Check out the video below and get to know the woman who’s going to make you pee yourself when you go see the 100 Days of Death movie!

And because I like you all so much, and because her work is to good not to share, I’ve included a gallery of some of Christina’s work. Not just Zombies, but other cool stuff as well. Can’t wait to see what this crazy chick does with our 100 Days of Death movie!

Check out Christina’s Gallery then watch her interview with Kim Poirier!

Yours in Life and Death

Dr. Z

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"100 Days of Death takes scary, gooey gore to a whole new level. I actually 'jumped' more than a few times!" – Carolyn Hennesy (HBO's True Blood / Emmy-nominated actress, General Hospital) "100 Days of Death takes zombie tales to a whole new level." – Actress Tricia Helfer